Chauvin's attorney fears impact of $27M settlement

The defense attorney for Derek Chauvin charged in George Floyd’s death says he’s “gravely concerned” that last week’s announcement of a $27 million settlement for Floyd’s family makes it impossible for his client to get a fair trial. (March 15)

Video Transcript

ERIC NELSON: But I am gravely concerned with the news that broke on Friday relevant to the civil settlement in this case. But by my count, this is the third highly prejudicial and incredibly prejudicial press leak or press release that has very suspicious timing, to say the least.

- I mean, when I heard that, I almost gasped at the amount.

PETER CAHILL: You would agree that it's unfortunate, wouldn't you?

STEVE SCHLEICHER: That it's unfortunate?

PETER CAHILL: That we have this reported all over the media when we're in the midst of jury selection, as far as timing.

STEVE SCHLEICHER: Yeah, it's certainly not my preference, your honor. I don't even know which way that cuts-- if that cuts for us, if that cuts against us. You know, some jurors may--

PETER CAHILL: The problem is it cuts.


PETER CAHILL: The problem is it cuts. That's the concern, and I think the defense has a legitimate concern. I think the state even has a concern.

ERIC NELSON: One thing I think the court should strongly consider is a request for a continuance, your honor, and a renewal of our change of venue motion.