Chauvin's Guilty Verdict Sparks Emotions Across MN & US

People around the world are processing what unfolded in Minneapolis yesterday as Derek Chauvins verdict sparked extreme emotions in the Twin Cities and beyond, reports Susan E. Littlefield (1:59). WCCO 4 News - April 21, 2021

Video Transcript

- Today, people around the world are still processing what unfolded in Minneapolis yesterday.

- The verdict sparked extreme emotions in the Twin Cities and beyond. Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield shows us how people are coping as the news really begins to sink in.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: It's been a year of fiery emotion-- sadness over the death of George Floyd and anger over the way he died.

- It's crazy. It's uncalled for. But this is what happens. It's just what has built up to this. We created a monster. This is what happens when you press people so long.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: And then, the trial itself-- graphic and grueling.

- It's was just an emotional thing, man. Especially when you see it on TV and you get close-up shots of it.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: And then, the emotion of the verdict. A day later, it's finally sinking in.

- I think that I'm still processing it.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: And processing mixed emotions for many.

BRYAN AMPAABENG: Just taking it in. I mean, the fight isn't over.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: Bryan's life started near where George Floyd's life ended.

BRYAN AMPAABENG: I remember growing up, coming into Cup Foods and getting slushies and whatnot.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: And now, he and his sister Amanda are finding some peace at the place where there was so much anguish.

BRYAN AMPAABENG: I'm just glad that everyone is calm and have come together and are just enjoying this.

AMANDA SCHULTZ: I do want to take a win whenever we can get them. So it is a celebration.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: But a tempered celebration it is. The reminder here that the pain is far from over is this face and that one. This one. That one. And all the others.

JERMAINE PALMER: I shed a tear yesterday because I'm glad we got something out of this.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: He says even though there is some comfort in this moment, what was gained cannot compare to what's been lost.

JERMAINE PALMER: We're 400 years and steps behind. We only got one step forward.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield, WCCO 4 News.