The "Cheap Old Houses" Instagram Account is Getting Its Own HGTV Show

The "Cheap Old Houses" Instagram Account is Getting Its Own HGTV Show
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From Country Living

  • Ethan and Elizabeth Finkelstein share gorgeous, historic fixer-uppers that are available for under $150,000 on their popular Instagram account @cheapoldhouses.

  • Now, the couple are set to star in their own HGTV series of the same name.

  • The show is expected to premiere in summer 2021.

One person's money pit is another person's dream home! If you subscribe to this philosophy like we do, then you're going to love this new show from Ethan and Elizabeth Finkelstein, the founders of the addictive Instagram phenomenon Cheap Old Houses.

Like @cheapoldhouses, the upcoming eight-episode HGTV series of the same name will showcase historic fixer-uppers with stunning architectural details like original fireplaces, pocket doors, and wide-plank floors. Best of all, these hidden gems are all on the market for under $150,000!

The show, which is slated to premiere in summer 2021, will follow historic preservationist and CL contributor Elizabeth Finkelstein, and her husband, Ethan, as they visit cities and small towns across America to tour two low-priced, historic homes. The couple will share about the homes’ historical significance and unique architectural details as they envision what they could look like with proper restorations. Finally, they'll choose one lucky property gem to feature on their famous Instagram feed, which is beloved by more than 1.4 million Instagram followers, including celebrities like Miranda Lambert, Joanna Gaines, and Blake Lively.

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The Castle, 45 Owasco St, Auburn, NY — I never thought I'd say this, but all you people who love to write "Haunted AF" on every single post... have at it!!! (It's fine, I know you're all looking for ghosts, but I'm just fixated on that huge corner kitchen sink.) Bidding ends at midnight on Halloween! Opening bid of $25,000. Listed by @michaelderosa685 and @kelli.ide of Michael DeRosa Exchange. "The original resident of the Auburn Castle was Samuel Laurie and his family. Samuel Laurie was born in Glasgow, Scotland on December 12, 1833. He apprenticed to a manufacturer of woolen goods and developed a solid foundation and a good sense of the business. He came to America as a poor Scotch lad. He studied and applied his knowledge and gained quite a reputation as a woolen manufacturer during the 1850s. By 1868, he achieved much success and was superintendent of a mill in Rhode Island. In 1868, Samuel Laurie came to Auburn, New York to review the Woolen mill’s operations and provide his expert opinion. He felt the mill had great potential and was convinced to take over the reins of the Woolen mill in Auburn. The mill later thrived and grew under the management of Samuel Laurie. In 1871, stockholders spent $7,000 to build the castle on Owasco Street that overlooked the factory. The Castle home was designed by Nelson Hamblin and intended to be reminiscent of a Scotch manor. Mr. Henry S. C. Sweeting served as mason and Mr. White and Mr. Canniff were carpenters involved on the ambitious project. In March 1881, an addition was made to the castle which was said to add symmetry to the outside and increased convenience on the inside of the mansion. The company continued to flourish and owned a majority of the Big Dam water rights. Mr. Laurie became a majority stockholder of the company, which by then had acquired Cayuga Mill and Canoga Mill." — link at #cheapoldhousesny

A post shared by Cheap Old Houses ™ (@cheapoldhouses) on Oct 23, 2020 at 7:59am PDT

Fans will also get to see jaw-dropping restorations of saved old homes formerly featured on Cheap Old Houses. As avid followers of the Instagram account, we are so excited to tune in to Cheap Old Houses this summer for our fixer-upper fix!

In the meantime, check out and follow @HGTV on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for Cheap Old Houses updates. You can also see the Finkelsteins' latest finds at @cheapoldhouses on Instagram.

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