This Is the Cheapest Place to Buy Butter Right Now

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Find out where you should be stocking up on butter.

It’s no secret that inflation is causing grocery store prices to rise. While some grocery products, like eggs, are experiencing a noticeable price increase, some of your other grocery essentials might be more subtly increasing in price without you even realizing it.

A few extra cents for a couple of products every week might not seem like a lot, but a few cents here and a few cents there can add up in a big way after a while—especially when you might have holiday meals to plan in the next few weeks.

Take butter, for example. According to the USDA’s Retail Report, the average pound of butter costs 14 cents more on March 17 than it did on March 10. And a pound of butter costs 24 cents more this year than it did at this time last year.

Because butter is a key ingredient in so many recipes, we’re always looking for the best deal. That’s why we compared the prices at grocery stores, club stores, and dollar stores to find the best price of butter right now.

What Store Has the Cheapest Butter Right Now?

We priced the butter based on retailer sites at stores around the Pittsburgh area on March 17.

Cheapest Option: Either Sam's Club or BJ's Wholesale Club at $0.18/ounce
Second Cheapest Option: Aldi at $0.22/ounce
Third Cheapest Option: Costco at $0.23/ounce

How Do Other Stores' Butter Prices Stack Up?

  • Kroger: $0.24/ounce

  • Target: $0.25/ounce

  • Trader Joe’s: $0.25/ounce

  • Walmart: $0.25/ounce

  • Whole Foods: $0.25/ounce

  • Dollar General: $0.27/ounce

  • Publix: $0.40/ounce

The Bottom Line

Not only do the three club stores have the best prices, but they also let you buy your butter in bulk. If you don’t think you can use all that butter before its best-by-date approaches, that’s ok! Butter can last months in the freezer, so even if you don’t need that many sticks now, you can still score this deal and reap the reward later.

If you don’t have a club membership, your best bet is to shop at your local Aldi where you’ll find a similar deal.

Kroger, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Target, and Whole Foods all offer nearly identical prices. So, if you frequent one of these stores, and you’re in a pinch, adding butter to your cart isn’t a bad idea.

Shockingly, buying butter at Dollar General will cost you a few cents more than if you shopped at a club or traditional grocery store—likely because Dollar General doesn’t offer a private label butter like most of the other stores do.

Note: prices may vary from store to store and state to state, so check your local listings for the most accurate price.