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Cheapest Trucks You Can Buy for 2019–2020

Today's brand-new pickup trucks can cost nearly six figures if you go nuts with the options and opt for the heaviest-duty engine choices. But despite these workhorses' newfound luxury potential, it remains possible to buy one on the cheap. Well, so long as you're okay skipping things like leather seats, big touchscreens, and other car-like niceties and sticking close to the truck's entry-level price.

So, what exactly are those base prices? We've gone model-by-model through every pickup truck you can buy today and picked out the cheapest version of each one. And then we ranked them all by price, from highest to lowest. So click on for some bare-bones pickup-truck goodness, along with tips on how to configure each truck for its lowest MSRP. (Hint: In many cases, you'll have to forgo rear seats, four-wheel drive, and leather cloth surfaces.)