Chechen leader says he is prepared to send his forces to support Palestine

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Ramzan Kadyrov, head of the Chechen Republic and the Kremlin’s close ally, has called for the end of the war between Israel and Hamas and said that he was prepared to head a peacekeeping mission to Palestine.

Source: Ramzan Kadyrov on Telegram

Quote: "We fully support Palestine’s actions. Because Israel took their land and is now keeping them isolated. They have no freedom of speech. Today I oppose the war and am calling on everyone to end this war, to prevent it from spreading across the world. This war won’t end that easily."

Details: Kadyrov confirmed that a Hamas rocket fell near a mosque he erected in honour of his father in an Israeli settlement not far from Jerusalem, damaging it. He asked both sides to refrain from attacks on the mosque.

Quote: "I’m once again urging all Muslims, all citizens, and our state to support the truth and put an end to this war. Or send us there on a peacekeeping mission. We will decide who’s right and who’s wrong. We will stop those who continue fighting."

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