Check Out The Amazing Pixar Easter Eggs Hidden In Inside Out

Such is the general reverence for the greatest animation studio in the world, Pixar movies are always stuffed full of easter eggs, and it appears that ‘Inside Out’ was no exception.

Thanks to an eagle-eyed film buff posting on Imgur, a raft of clever hidden references to the Pixar canon have now been spotted and compiled.

Thanks, the internet. Good skills.


This is a classic reference, found somewhere in nearly every Pixar movie from ‘Toy Story’ to ‘Up’. It’s a nod to the number of the classroom at the California Institute of the Arts where animation students - including Pixar chief creative officer John Lassiter and Brad Bird - study. It’s turned up on number plates, room numbers, cereal boxes, and now in graffiti.


This appears to be a knowing sneak peak at Arlo, the forthcoming star of Pixar’s next big movie ‘The Good Dinosaur’, out over here on November 27. It’s the first time Pixar has ever released two films in a single year.


A seriously impressive spot, this one. Adorning the front page of this lifestyle magazine tossed casually onto a messy coffee table is Colette, the fearsome chef from Brad Bird’s superlative ‘Ratatouille’.

The Birds

Another blink-and-you’d-miss-it moment from a lesser known moment in Pixar history. These are the birds from the 2001 short ‘For The Birds’, which won the Oscar for Best Animated Short that same year, and was shown before ‘Monster’s, Inc’.

The Ball

Another regular feature in the Pixar pantheon. It appeared in the very first short film made by the newly formed studio in 1986, ‘Luxo, Jr’, about two anglepoise lamps.

Nemo and Arlo

The second appearance from Arlo, on the side of the Dinosaur World game box, and the world’s most famous animated clown fish Nemo turns up too as an added bonus. It’s perhaps no coincidence that both will be reappearing on a screen near you in the near future.

The Pizza Planet Van

That old chestnut. Though it must be tougher to secrete a van than, say, a number in the action without it standing out, the Pizza Planet delivery van from ‘Toy Story’ has appeared in every single Pixar movie apart from ‘The Incredibles’. Best of luck getting a van into ‘The Good Dinosaur’, though.

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Image credits: Pixar/Imgur