Check out this ultra realistic iPad 'painting' of Morgan Freeman

Morgan almighty!

Via Gizmodo, this iPad “painting” of the man who’s played everything from Miss Daisy's driver to God is so photo-realistic looking that you’ll probably have to watch the video of how it was created (posted below) to believe it’s not fake.

Kyle Lambert, the artist that first amazed us with this 2010 Beyonce iPad painting, knocked this Morgan Freeman portrait out in a mere 200 hours using only 285,000 brush - err...finger - strokes on an iPad Air, according to a post on IceFlowStudios. That’s right, no stylus.

For context, Lambert’s 2010 Beyonce portrait, created in a program called Brushes, took him about 8 hours to complete, according to his website.

The 26 year old Lambert finger painted Mr. Freeman’s likeness in the program Procreate and said he was inspired to try his hand at an ultra high resolution portrait after learning of the program’s 4k canvas support on Apple’s new 64-bit line of iPads.

With the new high performance system-on-a-chip coupled with Apple’s superior touch screen responsiveness, we can’t find any reason not to expect to see more and more iPad art like Lambert’s latest. Can we put in a request? Perhaps a nice ultra high resolution Doge?