Check Out This Video Tour of the New Underwater Bicycle Garage In Amsterdam

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Video Tour of the Bicycle Garage In AmsterdamPierre Crom - Getty Images

We’ve seen the video of the underwater bicycle garage being built, or rather a timelapse version of the four-year building process, and it’s bonkers.

The underwater structure, built beneath the canal, has 7,000 (yup, 7,000!) bike parking spots, making it the biggest bicycle parking garage in Amsterdam, though not the biggest in the world. That distinction goes to the Utrecht garage, also in the Netherlands, with its 12,500 spots.

Here, we’ve found a video for you that tour the structure from a first-person perspective, so you can see the Albert Cuyp underwater parking garage in the De Pijp neighborhood in Amsterdam for yourself. Next question: how do we get one of those?

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