CHECKING IT OUT: Hulbert library patrons sign up for digital Beanstack app

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May 29—HULBERT — Sign-up Day at the Hulbert Community Library was a big hit, as the Summer Reading Program for the branch officially kicked off.

Children, teenagers, and adults dropped by the library Thursday, May 27, to immerse themselves in the new app, Beanstack.

Cherokee Lowe, branch manager for the Hulbert and Kansas libraries, said 15 people signed up for the app on Thursday, and more on Friday.

"I think it's made is more accessible to people because it's just easier to do from home, and then we have all of the e-materials online," said Lowe. "People who read those don't have to come into the library until they're ready to redeem their prizes."

The Summer Reading Program is all-digital this year, with Beanstack, and allows readers to easily keep track of their activities.

Children and teens can log their minutes in the app, and for every 100 minutes logged, they'll get a badge and message advising them to score a prize at the library. Grab-and-go activity bags for kids and teens will be available for pickup at 11 a.m. on Wednesdays.

An adult who reads every 100 minutes will receive a badge and ticket to put in the grand prize drawing. Adults will also get prizes when they reach 200, 600, and 1,000 minutes. Adults can get one entry for each 120 minutes they read, each weekly activity they complete, and for each Facebook program they attend on Wednesdays at noon. The first one will be about urban legends. Audiobooks, e-books, comic books, magazines, and more, plus reading to others count as minutes for the reading log.

Jennifer Johnson brought her daughter, Marina, 5, to the library and got her signed up.

"She's been doing really well and did a lot more reading than some of her classmates this year," said Johnson. "We were in the program the year before,and I think she came in second for the readers at that time."

Johnson said she'd like to read a few books each day to ensure Marina stays on top of her literacy skills throughout the summer.

"That's what we plan on doing to keep her reading up, and then we've got some math, where I'll work with her periodically to make sure that stays where it needs to be, too," she said.

The Hulbert Community Library staff also offers book suggestions and reviews on Facebook. Staff will choose a Book of the Month to feature, and they take turns, each giving one or more One-Minute Book Reviews monthly.

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