Cheer viewers have ‘minds blown’ after learning crucial detail left out of season 2

Cheer viewers have been shocked to learn a crucial detail that was left out of season two.

The Netflix docuseries, which first aired in early 2020, follows the competitive cheerleaders at Navarro College in Texas in the run-up to their annual competition in Daytona.

In season two, the show also spends time with Navarro’s underdog competitors, Trinity Valley Community College.

But after watching the new season, which dropped on Netflix in January, Twitter users were shocked to find out some information that had been left out of the show.

Navarro and Trinity Valley aren’t just competitors, but each other’s only competitors; they are the only two teams competing in the advanced large co-ed junior college division.

“Finding out Navarro and TVCC have been each other’s sole competitors for years has shocked me to my core ok,” one Twitter user commented.

“I feel like I’ve been bamboozled by the show Cheer,” another tweet read. “TVCC and Navarro are the only two teams to compete in their category!!! It’s okay, I’ll still watch every season that comes out.”

One viewer wrote: “Why does Cheer leave out the fact that there are only two teams that compete in JC Large Coed NCA Championships? Like it’s literally Navarro and Trinity Valley and that’s it.”

“Absolutely bonkers [coach Monica Aldama] spent ~$100K (??) on a practice stage for Navarro when they compete against the one and only team in their division,” another commenter said.

“Wait so Navarro & TVCC only compete against each other?!” one tweet read. “There’s literally no other squads in the division they compete in. They either get 1st or 2nd BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ONLY TWO TEAMS! Mind blown. How/Why did Netflix leave out that detail?”

Navarro coach Aldama confirmed this to Slate in a 2020 interview, although the information was not widely known to viewers of the show.

“We’re two of the best teams out there,” Aldama said. “It doesn’t matter that we’re in a junior college division. Nobody wants to compete against us.”

Cheer is available to stream on Netflix now.