Cheerleader's mom created deepfake videos to allegedly harass her daughter's rivals

A Bucks County, Pennsylvania mother allegedly sent deepfake photos and video of her teenage daughter's cheerleading rivals depicting them naked, drinking and smoking to their coaches in a bid to get them kicked off the team.

Video Transcript

- A Bucks County woman is under arrest after police say she sent fake pictures of her teenage daughter's cheerleading rivals in compromising situations to their coaches. Investigators say she was trying to get the girls kicked off the team, the Victory Vipers in [? Chalfont. ?]

50-year-old Raffaela Spone is accused of manipulating photos from the social-media accounts of three girls to make it look like they were drinking and smoking and even digitally altering them to make the girls appear that they were unclothed.

MATT WEINTRAUB: The suspect is alleged to have taken a real picture and edited it through some Photoshopping app to make it look like this teenage girl had no clothes on, to appear nude, when, in reality, that picture was a screen grab from the teenager's social media in which she had a bathing suit on.

- Investigators say Spone also sent messages with those faked pictures to the victims, suggesting they kill themselves. Spone is charged with cyber harassment of a child and harassment.