Cheesman Park Homes & Governor's Mansion Vandalized With Spray Paint

The Governor's Mansion and multiple homes in Denver's Cheesman Park neighborhood were vandalized sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Video Transcript

KELLY WERTHMANN: A protest last night took place at Cheesman Park. This flyer, with the words "Rest in Power, Adam Toledo," focused on the 13-year-old Mexican-American boy shot and killed by police in Chicago back on March 29. I'm Kelly Werthmann. Thank you for joining us.

Unfortunately, what was left behind in Denver last night did not show much support for that cause. Instead, there was a string of graffiti. We went by the Governor's Mansion this morning to find the front gate had been tagged. Someone spray-painted a red A over the plaque. Homeowners near Cheesman Park woke up to graffiti on their homes. One man had a message painted on his garage door. He's lived in the home for more than 30 years, and says this is the second time something like this has happened.

ROB REGINELLI: We had graffiti about two weeks ago on this pole right here. But we called the Parks Department and they cleaned it off. And I guess we got to clean our own, because there's a lot of graffiti all up and down 11th.

KELLY WERTHMANN: Well, Reginelli also said someone spray-painted some bricks around the backside of his home.