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Chelsea To Get COVID-19 Vaccines Directly From Federal Government

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La Colaborativa in Chelsea will be one of the few health centers in the country to now get vaccines directly from the feds. WBZ-TV's Beth Germano reports.

Video Transcript

ANARIDIS RODRIGUEZ: Also today, city leaders in Chelsea learned that they'll be getting their vaccines directly from the federal government. WBZ's Beth Germano shows us how this will help ensure equity in the vaccine process.

- Nice meeting you.

ELIZABETH WARREN: It is nice to see you.

- My name is Danilo.

ELIZABETH WARREN: It's nice to see you, [INAUDIBLE].

BETH GERMANO: Senator Elizabeth Warren came to one of the front lines of the pandemic in Massachusetts, La Colaborativa in Chelsea, hurt by the virus physically and economically.

ELIZABETH WARREN: But Chelsea also showed what is possible.

BETH GERMANO: She toured the community service organization that pushed for its own vaccination site to generate trust of the vaccine and access in the community. Which Laura Rick says was essential for her.

LAURA RICK: Because your community is taking care of you. Basically.

BETH GERMANO: And has now impressed the federal government.

- That we're one of the few health centers in the country that's going to get vaccines directly from the Feds, so thank you very much.

BETH GERMANO: Chelsea will now have its vaccine supply maintained by the Feds and its state supply can be diverted to other locations.

ELIZABETH WARREN: So the federal government wants to use these as demonstration projects and that's part of what makes me so proud of what happens here at Chelsea.

BETH GERMANO: Trust and access to the vaccine is an issue in Chelsea and beyond, which is why many communities are forming partnerships to make sure as many people as possible get vaccinated. Much like La Colaborativa, Morningstar Baptist Church in Mattapan has now opened a vaccination site of its own, trying to address the issue of equity in minority communities.

THEA JAMES: We are trying to canvas every possible opportunity to get people to the vaccine. To get vaccines in arm.

RISPON MIDDLETON: It would have been difficult for me to travel because I personally don't drive.

BETH GERMANO: Rispon Middleton says without community access like the church, she likely wouldn't have been vaccinated. And the church is removing barriers to language, transportation, and trust.

RISPON MIDDLETON: Residents of Mattapan can stay local. They can come to one of the foundations of this neighborhood.

BETH GERMANO: Which is a call for help that has been answered. Beth Germano, WBZ News.