Chelsea Ingram Has A Look At Your Monday Evening Forecast

Things will top out in the 40s again on Tuesday.

Video Transcript

CHELSEA INGRAM: All right, so a lot colder today compared to yesterday. And some folks could see a couple of wet snowflakes, so let's get right to it. And we'll talk about what you can expect. In fact, parts of Western Maryland, already tapping into some of that wintry precipitation, and those folks do have a winter weather advisory. That goes into effect starting at 11 o'clock tonight.

We're not talking about a lot of snow, OK? Less than one inch and maybe a little icing in the higher elevations, so watch for slippery roads there tomorrow morning. Otherwise, not expecting any accumulation anywhere else. Just kind of a nuisance of a storm. 44 degrees, right now, at BWI Thurgood Marshall airport.

Man, the temperatures are just dropping already. But overnight, thanks to some additional cloud cover, we're not going to get as cold as last night. Looking at an overnight low right around 34 degrees and a spot shower around in the form of a mix across the region, and that is going to continue into tomorrow morning.

So as we head into the overnight hours tonight, and here we are, 9:45, right about then. And really, no accumulation expected, as I said, but much of the precipitation holds out, until Tuesday morning. And we're also talking about the system weakening just a bit as it approaches the mid-Atlantic, so that's why we're just not going to get a whole lot of stuff.

Here's a look at Futurecast, the state view. I've got an updated model run for you here. This is the high resolution Rapid Refresh, what it's called, and we're just going to be dealing with spotty showers, maybe some snowflakes there. That's around 5:00 AM.

That could cause problems on the morning commute, but the roads have been so warm, which is fantastic. Because temperatures have been in the 60s, and they've also been in the 70s as well. So fast forward into time. Tuesday, later in the day, things are looking much better for us, so here is a look at your forecast as we head into tomorrow.

We're looking at a high temperature, once again, in the 40s, 45 degrees, spotty morning mix, and then showers as we warm up. Your seven day forecast, moving out of the way here, 57 on Tuesday. It is going to be a soggy one on Wednesday, but as spring arrives, it'll feel like spring. Lots of sunshine as well on Saturday.