Chelsea Ingram Has Your Updated Forecast 5-15-2021

Chelsea Ingram Has Your Updated Forecast 5-15-2021

Video Transcript

- All right, let's talk weather wise, we've got some good weather we're serving up for you today. Thanks so much for waking up with us this morning. I know that that story just really made your day start off on a really good note, tree shrimp. 49 degrees right now at BWI Thurgood Marshall airport. It is cooler than average as we're starting the day, but not to worry. We're going to see those numbers soar in as we head into the afternoon. Upper 40s right around 50 degrees on the Eastern shore down the ocean, pontoon right around 51 degrees there.

This afternoon, plenty of sunshine is going to be seasonable. We'll make our way into the mid-70s for high temperatures and Preakness Saturday looking at some great weather as well. Temperatures will be in the mid-70s. A spotty shower can't be ruled out, but I think it's going to be far North of the track. I just want to put this in there, just in case, but I really have a good feeling about us being dry and not looking at anything sloppy here in Baltimore. 50 as we head into the overnight hours tonight, a lot of areas will drop down close to around 50 degrees in Central Maryland.

Some spots in mid-50s like the district and even Annapolis looking at that 55. High pressure firmly in control here providing us with ample sunshine, sinking air that inhibits cloud formation. That's why we have such a beautiful blue skies this morning as you're waking up. We will see some fair weather clouds popping up into the afternoon likely in the cumulus form. And then, high pressure pushes offshore will be bringing in some cloud cover from the West and the rest for some showers.

Let me show you how that plays out. So again, fair weather clouds this afternoon and evening spot showers, mainly to the North. Otherwise, most areas just stay plain old dry. Heading into the overnight clouds will be on the increase, they'll thicken up as we make our way into tomorrow morning. And then we're going to be tracking some showers around, especially toward the afternoon. There could be a couple of heavier downpours mixed in, but otherwise, they get out fairly fast by 9:00, 10:00, we'll start to dry out and the clouds are going to be sticking with us just a little bit.

So your forecast for tomorrow, looking at a high of 72 degrees. Again, shower around, more clouds as well. So when you're trying to plan which day is better to get outside and do whatever you need to get done. Mow the lawn, do yard work, just play outside, today is going to be the better day for that.