Chemicals not yet identified after Channelview fire

K-Solv, the company whose facility burned, is looking into what chemicals were involved, as officials found no areas of concern in air and water quality levels.

Video Transcript

- To recap the events that started yesterday, we had a fire that began at one of our small quantity storage warehouse facilities off De Zavalla Road. That fire then spread to a second warehouse storage facility. During this time, our personnel initiated our facility response plan to notify the emergency personnel necessary to include the channel B fire department. All necessary emergency response resources, both public and private sector, were mobilized to the event.

This happened approximately 1600 to 1615 hours yesterday. During this response activity, we conducted a media event at 1800 hours yesterday. At the conclusion of that media event, at approximately 1830 hours, we were informed that the fire was extinguished. We have resources on site at that time and continue to do so to conduct air monitoring and to monitor for hotspots, as we did throughout the night. A few hot spots were identified, and they were immediately extinguished within a matter of minutes throughout the night.

To capture what's today's objectives, we've implemented the incident command structure that's in place with a unified effort with regulatory agencies and the scene is under the jurisdiction of the Harris County Fire Marshal's Investigators, and it will remain so until released by the organization. Approximately about an hour ago, we were given access to a portion of the facility that allows us to include what products were involved in our situation. Again, that was approximately an hour ago, and we have an active effort to identify exactly what products were involved. As that information becomes available, that information will be disseminated amount to the regulatory agencies, and they will disseminate it out as they see fit.

I'd like to remind you all, we've established a link on our website, Go to the link for the De Zevalla information, and additional information will be conveyed through that link. If there's another media event scheduled we will communicate it out through that link on the website. We appreciate your concerns. Our priority remains the protection of the public health, the first responders, and our workforce in general.