Cher asks Nancy Pelosi to end government shutdown before Trump: 'PPL WILL STARVE'

Cher, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and President Trump (Photo: AP)

Cher wants the government shutdown to end — even if it means giving President Trump money for his border wall.

The legendary singer and outspoken liberal activist tweeted out her concerns for the American people if the shutdown remains in effect. Cher exclaimed on Wednesday, “FOR trump THIS IS POLITICAL..BUT REAL PPL ARE REALLY SUFFERING.” She called Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, a “hero,” but added “LET HIM HAVE HIS FKNG MONEY.”

Cher’s tweet made headlines, with Fox News declaring, “Cher demands Pelosi end partial government shutdown, fund border wall: ‘DON’T DIE ON THIS HILL.’”

Well, the Grammy winner took issue with the outlet twisting her tweet, exclaiming that she had made no “demand.”

Cher came in for backlash from her liberal followers for her post urging Pelosi to cave.

“What? NO. Then he will continue to play these games every time he wants something bc we’ll have set a precedent of caving #NoWall,” one person wrote. Another added, “This ain’t it Cher.”

The singer saw many of the comments and responded on Twitter. “Guess When You Piss off Ur Ppl,Are Used By Fox As Propaganda,All You Can Do Is Apologize To Those You Respect & Say [hand waving emoji].”

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