Chernihiv region: temporary crossing built over the Desna River to replace the destroyed bridge

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To replace the destroyed bridge over the Desna River in the Chernihiv region, a temporary crossing was built, but residents were asked not to remove its construction.

Source: Telegram channel of the Chernihiv Oblast Military Administration, with Deputy Head Dmytro Synenko

Quote from Synenko: "The greatest infrastructure loss in the Chernihiv region is the destroyed bridge across the Desna River. The enemy, having destroyed it, worsened logistics for both businesses and the entire population of Chernihiv Oblast.

In cooperation with the state road service, steps for the construction of a new, modern bridge over the river were discussed and written out directly on site. But we also understand that the construction of a modern bridge structure will not be fast, and we need to be able to cross today.

The Chernihiv Oblast Military Administration, together with the state road service and units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, decided not to waste time, but to start in the very near future to build a temporary bridge – a pontoon crossing."

Details: Synenko asked residents not to take photos or record videos of the process of erecting a pontoon crossing, so as not to indicate to the aggressors the location of the temporary bridge.

Background: Immediately after the liberation of the Chernihiv region from Russian occupation, local authorities began to build temporary crossings across rivers where bridges had been destroyed.