Cherry Blossoms in DC Reach Stage 4 Bloom as Park Service Preaches Safety

CDC guidelines have people distancing and wearing masks. Bike racks on the sidewalks to keep people safe. If you can’t make it in person, you can check out the festival virtually.

Video Transcript

All right, well, signs of Spring bloom every year just on 95 along the Tidal Basin in DC.

- Millions of beautiful cherry blossoms have invited people across the country to see their beauty in person.

- WJZ is live in the nation's capital tonight. Max McGee shows us what is different about it this year. Hey, Max.

MAX MCGEE: Hi, ladies. Yes, CDC guidelines, social distancing, wearing your mask. They also have bike racks to keep people safe along the sidewalks. The one thing that remains, the elegance and beauty of these cherry blossoms. They're so easy on the eyes. The pinkish hue with the [? green ?] flashing its prominence, the sun casting off its branches, reflecting off into thousands of smiles.

KELLY BEY: It's a beautiful day and we just wanted to come and see these beautiful cherry blossoms.

MAX MCGEE: CDC guidelines have people distancing and wearing face mask, bike racks on the sidewalks to keep people safe. If you can't make it in person, you can check out the festival virtually.

CHELSEA SULLIVAN: They can a the virtual Junior Ranger Book. But they can also visit the Bloom Cam and see the cherry blossoms from their computer.

MAX MCGEE: Some forecasters projected the cherry blossoms to bloom in early April. Thanks to recent warm temperatures, thousands got an early treat.

- I'm just grateful to be alive and just to see just life. Like, the cherry blossoms just represent life, and just blooming, and what spring has to offer.

- Yeah, it's beautiful.

- I always wanted to come here to see one. So this is one of my dreams.

MAX MCGEE: The National Park Service says they'll shut off access once crowds get too big and jeopardize social distancing. But for now, they're confident that won't happen. Until then, it's not a bad start to the spring. Peak bloom is expected to be from April 2nd to April 5th. You'd like to check out this festival virtually, we have a link on this story, Ladies, put me up at [? the double box. ?]

I can put my arms straight out. That means it's not that packed. Come on out here and enjoy this beautiful weather and, of course, the flowers.

- Definitely a good idea.

- And does it have an aroma? Do you smell something?

MAX MCGEE: Oh, it's everywhere along the Tidal Basin, yes. It's beautiful.

- The wafting, the wafting. Thank you, Max.