Cheryl Burke, 38, Just Displayed Her Epic Abs While Flipping In IG Video

Photo credit: JOCE/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images
Photo credit: JOCE/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images
  • Cheryl Burke revealed her mega-toned abs in a crop top while showing off her acrobatic dance moves in a new Instagram video.

  • The 38-year-old dance pro also enjoys boxing, barre, and yoga to keep her body active.

  • Cheryl loves Hippeas snacks and blueberries, so she incorporates them into her daily diet.

Cheryl Burke just proved that she truly has abs of steal. While rehearsing for her Dancing With The Stars performance, Cheryl mastered a flip in a new Instagram video that gave fans a glimpse of her intense dance routine and strong core. Talk about stiff competition!

The 38-year-old dancer took athleisure to a whole new level with a crop top and yoga pant combo that emphasized her chiseled abs while practicing. She also managed to perfectly execute the moves while wearing her hair down, and I am beyond impressed.

"How @samchampionand I prepared for tonight’s dance! 🪩💃🕺 Be sure to get your votes in!" Cheryl captioned the post.

She ended the video with a quick plug asking fans to vote for them on last night's Bond-themed episode. Cheryl and Sam even discussed their favorite bond scene and incorporated props to go the extra mile.

Unfortunately, Cheryl and Sam landed third to last on last night's leaderboard.

However, fans were still quick to compliment Cheryl's moves. "You kill me! So beautiful and talented! ❤️," one said. Another fan called their routine, "Poetry In Motion 👏👏." A third follower proved their loyalty: "VOTED for you beauties!!!💜😘👍🏼👏🏼."

The Dancing With The Stars pro uses her epic dance skills to get active, but she also adds variety to her fitness routine with other, fun workouts throughout her week.

Cheryl's a huge fan of boxing, mainly because of the similarities she notices between the workout and dancing. "You have to memorize certain moves...and it's not just challenging for the body but you have to use your brain as well," Cheryl told Good Morning America in 2018.

While at home in 2020, Cheryl turned to her Mirror and Fitbit app for challenging and engaging at-home workouts. She especially loves her Fitbit "because it makes me want to reach my specific goals and it pushes you to do so along the way, all the while tracking my sleep, water intake, and number of steps per day," she told Hollywood Life.

Cheryl is also a big fan of barre and yoga. She enjoys the barre 35-minute classes on the Mirror, per Hollywood Life.

The celeb is adamant about giving her body one day off a week and will take nature walks as a low-impact way to get her blood pumping while making time to get outdoors, she told Hollywood Life.

When discussing her typical diet, Cheryl shared her very organized fridge with her Instagram followers in a post from February.

She previously discussed her love of Hippeas snacks when speaking with Hollywood Life. "Also water, green tea and dark chocolate açaí and blueberries," she added. Pasta and marinara sauce are also on the list of her fave dishes. Yum.

I'm rooting for you this season, Cheryl!

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