Chester Bennington Remembered by Linkin Park, Fans & Mom On Anniversary of Death

Gary Trock

It's been two years since the world lost Linkin Park frontman, Chester Bennington, and the late rockstar's band is paying tribute to their friend and asking for fans to send in their favorite memories.

Saturday morning, the band wrote a message on Twitter to the fans: "Remembering Chester today."

They announced that fans should, "Feel free to share your favorite photo or video of Chester / LP."

Since the tribute, thousands of fans have added to the ongoing Twitter feed by sharing photos and memories of the singer, who died by suicide on July 20, 2017.

One Bennington fan, by the name of Joulie, wrote, "I remember his silly jokes but how i always laughed my ass off." She included a photo of the rocker with a NSFW positioning of some table fruit.

Another fan shared an experience of running into the Linkin Park star at Disneyland, explaining, "I never had the chance to see Chester live in Concert, but I will never forget meeting him by accident at Disneyland."

The fan wrote, "He was with his family yet told me he would wait for me after the ride ended so we could chat and have a picture... he kept his word."

Others wrote explained how Bennington's music continues to be an inspiration: "Can’t believe it’s already been two years since Chester died. Still such a shock! Your music continues to save people every day!" a fan wrote.

Fans and bandmates weren't the only ones thinking about Bennington on the day of his death, as the late rocker's mother also posted a message.

Susan Eubanks wrote on Twitter, "The last kiss I ever got from my wonderful boy! There are no words to explain how much I miss him!"

Bennington's mom explained, "I want us to all celebrate his life today! Love you all! Please take care and celebrate Chester’s life today! He would want us to celebrate!"