Chester County Officials Gather On 1-Year Anniversary Of County's 1st Recorded COVID Death

They honored those we've lost to COVID-19.

Video Transcript


- Honoring those we have lost to COVID-19 in Chester County, officials gathered today on the one year anniversary of the county's first recorded COVID death. Parks across the county will have memorial displays that will include pinwheels to represent those who have died from the virus. In Chester County alone, that number stands at 747.

MARIAN MOSKOWITZ: These losses are tragic. And the tragedy is made even worse as many were not able to be with their loved ones in their final moments, to hold their hand and to say goodbye.

- The memorials will be featured in Warwick Park in Pottstown, Springton Manor Farm in Glenmoore, and Nottingham Park in Nottingham all weekend for those who want to visit.