Chevy Bolt SUV joins parade of electric vehicles

Whether people want them or not, automakers are rolling out multiple new electric vehicle models. The latest offering comes from General Motors, which is unveiling a Chevrolet Bolt compact SUV. (Feb. 14)

Video Transcript

JESSE ORTEGA: We're here today talking about the new 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV and it goes on sale this summer. The Chevrolet Bolt EV really established the affordable, long range EV market for us. And the Bolt EUV allows us to extend that into one of the hottest segments in the market, which is the compact crossover segment.

STEPHANIE BRINLEY: You know, you've got the Bolt EUV that's a little bit bigger and a little bit better sized for a greater number of people. And that means that there's more access, there's more buyers who can consider that vehicle because it fits.

JESSE ORTEGA: For us, the decision to pursue our zero emissions, zero congestion, zero crash future is not-- it's monumental. I mean, it's fundamental. It shapes how we think about everything.