Chevy Officially Discontinues the LS7

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Photo credit: Chevrolet
Photo credit: Chevrolet

Among Chevrolet's vast lineup of LS-badged small-block V-8 engines, one stands out as the most special: the LS7. Displacing an incredible seven liters (427 cubic inches), the 505-hp motor made a name for itself in the stunning C6-generation Corvette Z06 before appearing in the incredible Camaro Z/28. Though both of those cars have long since ended production, the LS7 and its cheaper, wet-sump variant, the LS427/570, have since been offered as crate engines direct from Chevrolet. Until now, that is.

On Friday, a keen-eyed Reddit user spotted that both the LS7 and the LS427/570 have recently been marked as discontinued on Chevrolet's performance website. A Chevrolet spokesperson confirmed the news to Road & Track via email, telling us the automaker plans to fulfill all current orders until its inventory of the engines has been depleted.

We knew as far back as June 2020 the LS7 would be phased out of production, though back then, it was assumed the 570-hp LS427/570, with its upgraded camshaft and cheaper price, would stand as its replacement for years to come. But both engines are officially done for, according to the manufacturer.

Chevy hasn't announced plans for a replacement, and it's not clear if it ever will. While we're sad the LS7 is gone, Chevrolet still offers dozens of fantastic crate engines that make lots of power through its performance parts program. Considering just how many different engines it has on offer, any DIYer trying to fill their engine bay won't have trouble finding a solution.

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