Cheyenne Frontier Days To Kick Up Some Dust Again This Summer

Concerts and rodeo events are a go for Cheyenne Frontier Days this summer. Organizers tell CBS4 the decision was still unknown just a few weeks ago.

Video Transcript

JIM BENEMANN: Well get ready for some fun, from Waterworld to live Broadway shows in Denver, and the return of Cheyenne Frontier Days. More events will be starting this summer in and around Colorado. And Denver has just announced its plan to reopen the swimming pools and rec centers.

KAREN LEIGH: Yeah, this summer's certainly shaping up to be much different than last summer. We want to start tonight with Jacqueline Quynh in Cheyenne with us with the information we're learning about Cheyenne Frontier Days. It starts July 23rd including that rodeo and concert events.

CARMEN HESS: People come from all over the world. They want to see the West and when they think of the West, they think of Cheyenne.

JACQUELINE QUYNH: There is a lot of Western history in Cheyenne, Wyoming to say the least. And Cheyenne Frontier Days has been a part of that history for more than 120 years, helping to draw people in up until as we all know, the pandemic hit.

CARMEN HESS: As a merchant, yeah, we're excited for what we can expect to hopefully see from it.

JACQUELINE QUYNH: Carmen Hess owns the Wyoming Home Store downtown. She's grown up here her whole life.

CARMEN HESS: I miss seeing the streets full of cars.

JACQUELINE QUYNH: She's excited, as are the organizers who will be helping to bring it back this. summer.

TOM HIRSIG: This is one of the happiest days around our office for a long time.

JACQUELINE QUYNH: Tom Hirsig is the president and CEO of this unique festival and he says, it's not business as usual.

TOM HIRSIG: We do have to make some modifications to like our party's own standing room only areas. I don't think you'll see big effects, big differences.

JACQUELINE QUYNH: The park where the event takes place is mostly outdoors across 83 acres. Hirsig is hopeful with precautions in place people can have fun and feel safe.

CARMEN HESS: And we miss the parades and the pancakes, and all the people. It was just a little weird.

JACQUELINE QUYNH: Tickets will be going on sale at full capacity. Whether it'll pack the area and bring back crowds is something people like Hess are now anxiously waiting to find out. And the lineup comes out tomorrow. Tickets should be going on sale a week later from then. And you can see more of this information on For now, reporting in Cheyenne, I'm Jacqueline Quynh covering Colorado first.