Actor Cheyenne Jackson reveals he's had 5 hair transplants: 'My horrible secret'

Actor Cheyenne Jackson shared his hair transplant journey with his social media followers. (Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Actor Cheyenne Jackson is sharing the truth about his hair loss.

In an Instagram post on Saturday, the American Horror Story and 30 Rock actor shared an emotional account of his journey with hair loss and hair transplant surgery. The 44-year-old star divulged that he had his first surgery at age 28, calling this truth a “horrible secret.” According to his post, he began losing his hair at age 22.

“I’ve been DREADING this day for 17 years,” Jackson wrote in his post. “The day when my horrible secret would be revealed. No, this gnarly scar across my head isn’t from life-saving brain surgery, nor did I narrowly survive a shark attack. It’s worse. (At least in Hollywood...) I had hair transplant surgery. Five of them, to be exact over 14 years.”

Jackson went on to reveal that he felt strange admitting to the hair surgeries during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but that he wanted to “release” the “shame and fear.” He says over the years he “kept secretly getting more procedures,” and “would just pray that no one would find out.”

He also gave credit to his brother, who has also experienced hair loss, “but was way braver and cooler and just shaved his off.”

Jackson went on to reveal how every time he went to a new set he would reveal his “devastating truth” to the hair and makeup teams, admitting that “no one cared but me.”

The former Watchmen star said he was sharing this story now in the hopes that it will “inspire someone out there to share a secret they’ve been hiding, or show a scar that they’ve been afraid of anyone seeing.”

In the post’s replies, Jackson was showered with words of encouragement and similar stories. “I’ve had 3 and have always admitted it! It helps people who have shame about their hair loss,” posted designer Marc Jacobs. “Thank you for posting.”

Jackson said he was coming forward with this confession to inspire his 2½-year-old twins Ethan and Willow with husband Jason Landau. He wrote, “I’m trying to teach my kids to accept themselves and to be proud of who they are, and to put value on things that are IMPORTANT and REAL so as their father, the example should start with me. This is that. I’ll go first.”

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