Chicago City Council to meet in-person for 1st time in year

Chicago's City Council meets Tuesday and for the first time after a year of working remotely due to COVID-19, members will have the option to meet in person.

Video Transcript

DIANE PATHIEU: For the first time, Mark, city council members have the option to meet in person today here at City Hall. They haven't done that, obviously, in a year. They've been working remotely. On the agenda this morning, several key items to note. First, a big change for tow truck operators. If passed, an ordinance will require a $250 license for every truck used, and licensing for where towed vehicles are stored. This is aimed at cutting down rogue tow drivers overcharging drivers, and even damaging their vehicles.

Another item of note is fining employers for not letting workers take time off to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The fine is up to $5,000. There's also a proposal to rename a Southwest Side street Guadalupe and Maria Lopez Way for the couple that died of COVID. Guadalupe was a long time, beloved 911 dispatcher for the city.

And some good news for canceled parades, if passed, groups may reclaim dates to hold their events, and start planning. Just before the council meeting, a group plans to rally across the street from City Hall, calling on the council to pass an ordinance giving communities more say in policing in their own neighborhoods.