Chicago-Cook Workforce Partnership offers free training for trades

The Chicago-Cook Workforce Partnership has already helped thousands get placed through its free training program.

Video Transcript

TORIAN ANDERSON: I know how it feels to be out of work. I know how it feels to be collecting unemployment. I have been there. I have struggled as a single mom. I have.

MARK RIVERA: Torian Anderson wanted to work in the construction trades, but couldn't afford to pay for training. Now, she's working as an electrical apprentice with a full-time salary on the massive CTA Red-Purple Line Modernization Project.

TORIAN ANDERSON: It's exciting that when I get on the train and I look, I know that these trains are going back and forth and getting people where they have to go safely based off the work that I did, and my co-workers and counterparts did as well.

MARK RIVERA: It's all thanks to a program supported by the Chicago-Cook Workforce Partnership.

KARIN NORINGTON-REAVES: It is beautiful to see number one, a woman, a woman of color, a woman of color who didn't have access to these programs, to be able to have that opportunity for free and to turn it into an apprenticeship.

MARK RIVERA: If this is the kind of thing that just makes your day, Partnership CEO Karin Norington-Reaves says they place thousands of people every year and train them for in-demand jobs, working with more than 2,000 employers in the region.

KARIN NORINGTON-REAVES: It is life-changing. It's not just about a job in this moment, it really truly changes a life.

MARK RIVERA: A life like Anderson's.

TORIAN ANDERSON: I feel blessed knowing that I have a whole other field to go into.

MARK RIVERA: So if you're ready to work in the construction trades or even in manufacturing, but you can't afford the training, consider reaching out to the Chicago-Cook Workforce Partnership. We've got links on how to get involved right now on our website. In Chatham, Mark Rivera, ABC 7 Eyewitness News.