Chicago COVID Cases Continue To Rise Among Young Adults

CBS 2's Jim Williams reports things are not improving in Chicago in terms of COVID case numbers.

Video Transcript

IRIKA SARGENT: Good afternoon. I'm Irika Sargent.

BRAD EDWARDS: And I'm Brad Edwards. Chicago's top dog, Allison Arwady says she's worried. COVID cases in the city on the rise, and she's pointing to one group driving it. CBS2's Jim Williams joins us live. Jim, this is the very group that can't get vaccinated yet.

JIM WILLIAMS: Young people, Irika and Brad, and while the city's top health official says the numbers are low compared to the case count in Chicago, they are moving in the wrong direction. Public health commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady says the daily COVID count has pushed the city from moderate to high risk.

ALLISON ARWADY: Unfortunately, we are now up to a point where we're seeing 350 cases per day. We really want to get under 200 cases per day to take us back to that lower risk.

JIM WILLIAMS: COVID cases in Chicago are up 23% compared to the week before, 30% higher than two weeks ago. What's driving the increase? Dr. Arwady points to more cases among young adults 18 to 29 years old. She says the city has linked the outbreaks to college gatherings and sports related events. But while fewer patients are being treated at ICUs, more people are visiting emergency rooms for COVID, raising the risk at hospitals from low to moderate. Even with more people getting the vaccine, Dr. Arwady is urging Chicagoans to continue to be safe.

ALLISON ARWADY: And as you are going out and as you are recognizing that we have made amazing progress here in Chicago, we need people to keep their guard up against COVID. I remain very optimistic that later in the spring, by the summer, we're going to be in good shape from COVID.

JIM WILLIAMS: Dr. Arwady says with the vaccine and reopenings, there is a feeling of hope, but she warns COVID is not over. We're live. Jim Williams CBS2 News.