Chicago Fire Department aware of image of suspect in Capitol attack who wore ‘CFD’ hat

Annie Sweeney and Jeremy Gorner, Chicago Tribune

Chicago Fire Department officials say they’re aware that federal authorities are seeking information about a suspect photographed in the Capitol attack wearing a knit hat with the initials “CFD,” but they have not identified any current or former member from the image.

Department spokesman Larry Langford said the photo of the man was distributed to dozens of bureau heads and department chiefs in CFD.

U.S. Capitol Police addressed the image Wednesday, saying investigators want information about the activities of the man pictured when the Capitol was stormed a week ago. The image began spreading on the Internet over the weekend.

Some on social media have suggested the man was wanted in connection with the killing of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, but a spokeswoman for the Capitol police force said Wednesday that was not the case. Sicknick was among five people killed when a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol Jan. 6, battling police and sending members of Congress scrambling for secured rooms.

“The individual in the photo is a person of interest in a different incident,” and not the officer’s killing, Eva Malecki, a public information officer for the Capitol police, told the Tribune in an email. “The U.S. Capitol Police and FBI are looking for any information about the individual and his activities on January 6, 2021.”

The FBI and police have been using social media to circulate images of some captured in photographs and on video taking part in the raid, which started after thousands of people marched from a rally for President Donald Trump.

In at least one viral video from the mob attack, someone dressed like the man wearing the “CFD” hat can be seen lobbing a fire extinguisher toward a line of police officers.

Langford also said the department is aware of some amateur attempts at identifying the man circulating on the Internet. One in particular posted the photo of a retired department member, and Langford said that was not the person seen in the image being used by investigators.

Langford also said the “CFD” initials on the knit hat in the photo in question are not the official logo used by the department.

The Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Cleveland fire departments are among others around the country that use the initials.