Chicago Fire Department offers tips for safe Thanksgiving turkey frying

CHICAGO - With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many households are gearing up for the annual turkey feast. For those who plan to fry their turkey, the Chicago Fire Department is providing essential safety tips to ensure a crispy bird without the risk of a crispy house.

Frying a turkey can be a flavorful and delicious alternative to traditional roasting, but it also poses potential hazards if not done with safety in mind. Here are some vital tips from the Chicago Fire Department to ensure your turkey frying experience goes smoothly:

  • Outdoor Frying: Always fry your turkey outdoors and maintain a safe distance from structures, trees, and low branches. This minimizes the risk of accidental fires.

  • Even Ground: Ensure your fryer is set up on even ground to prevent tipping.

  • Thaw and Dry: Before frying, make sure your turkey is completely thawed and patted dry. Excess moisture can cause hot oil to splatter.

  • Supervision: Keep a close eye on the turkey and the fryer at all times. A momentary distraction can lead to a dangerous situation.

  • No Water for Oil Fires: In case of a kitchen oil fire, never attempt to extinguish it with water. This can worsen the fire. Use a fire extinguisher designed for grease fires instead.

Chicago Fire Department Commissioner Annette Nance-Holt emphasized the importance of following these guidelines, citing past incidents of accidents involving turkey fryers that resulted in house fires or other damages.

As the holiday season approaches, local authorities advise all residents to take precautionary measures to ensure a safe celebration.