Chicago flower shop helping Southport Corridor Bees recover after losing hives

After learning Southport Corridor Bees lost two hives, Primrose Chicago wanted to help.

Video Transcript

- A Chicago flower shop is working to help a grassroots beekeeping project, so earlier this year Southport Corridor Bees lost two of its hives, and now Primrose Chicago is donating a percentage of its sales to the beekeeping mission. And Erik Thallemer is the co-owner of Primrose Chicago. And Erik, good morning.

ERIK THALLEMER: Good morning.

- Yeah, I'm so excited to talk about this, because you have the flowers, the bees. They're all interconnected here. Why don't we talk about the problem first with the bees. What happened?

ERIK THALLEMER: So we follow them on Instagram, because they're a local charity that we keep in touch with, and we saw that they lost two of their hives in February. So we were really disappointed to see that, because it's such a really cool thing. We literally would walk past it every day on our way to the shop, so we love to watch the bees and them just growing, producing the honey. so when we saw they lost two hives, we immediately reached out to them on Instagram to figure out, how can we help. Can we maybe donate some money. And since we already do a charity of the month every month here at Primrose, we figured that would be a good opportunity to help raise some money to help them recover from losing the hives.

- Right, so how can people help you help them?

ERIK THALLEMER: Yeah, so Southport Corridor Bees, they're our charity of the month. They're our charity of the month for March. We've extended that through April 15. So to help out the bees, come in. Anything you buy here, we'll donate a percentage of any sale we make through April 15 to the Southport Bees.

- That sounds excellent. So what can people go and buy at Primrose that would be exciting, fun. It seems like you have a little bit of everything there.

ERIK THALLEMER: Yeah, so right now, obviously, get some beautiful spring flowers. We also have a ton of houseplants. Everyone's very crazy about houseplants right now. We've got a lot of big house plants, small house plants, also a lot of succulents and cacti. If you're not as good at keeping the lush foliage alive, that's another good option, and also a lot of pots and good decor to keep your house plants looking beautiful on your shelves.

- Right, this is such a great neighbors helping neighbors sort of story in your neighborhood, too. What was the reaction from the South Port Corridor Bees once you were like, you know what? We're going to do this. We're going to help. Let's see how much money we could raise to give you a boost here.

ERIK THALLEMER: I think they were kind of shocked. They didn't realize, like, that we were-- that they had so many fans and that there were so many people actually wanted to help. And so they were really just shocked and kind of just like very, very, very gracious about it, because we are able to give them some money that will help them recover from the hives, and I think they were just so devastated losing the hives, once they found that we were able to do this for them, it really kind of got them back up on their feet and gave them a lot of hope about it.

- Yeah, let's get those bees buzzing again. So thank you very much. I appreciate it.

ERIK THALLEMER: All right. Thank you.

- Yes, we're going to post links to both the Primrose and the Southport Corridor Bees all available on our website,