Chicago takes new approach to overcome vaccine hesitancy

The Chicago Health Department is hoping people off work for Memorial Day can get vaccinated while they are out and about.

Video Transcript

JESSICA D'ONOFRIO: Yeah, Tanya. Hey, get vaccinated at the beach today, that's what the city is hoping for. A pop-up site will be open here at 31st Street Beach starting later on this afternoon. This as Chicago shifts its COVID-19 vaccine strategy to bring pop-up vaccination sites into the community where people are out and about and having fun this holiday weekend, placing some of the pop-ups in areas where populations have been hesitant to get the shot. So the goal was to make it as quick and convenient as possible. At the Logan Square Farmers Market, shots were being administered in this vaccination bus.

MAE CHUA: The goal here is to get to the under-served people in the community and encourage them.

JESSICA D'ONOFRIO: Over the weekend, some received their Johnson & Johnson dose at this pop-up site in Washington Park. Just over half of Chicago residents have received at least one dose, but the goal is 70% by July 4. The city moving away from mass vaccination sites, closing Gallagher Way next to Wrigley Field and the walk-in section of the United Center, in favor of more targeted, localized outreach. Now, the city is planning a few pop-up vaccination sites-- one we're talking about here at 31st Street Beach, but then there's another one today at North Avenue Beach.