Chicago issues new restrictions amid COVID surge

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says the city could see 1,000 more residents die from COVID by the end of the year without new restrictions. (Nov. 12)

Video Transcript

LORI LIGHTFOOT: We're now seeing an average of no less than 1,900 cases every day. Meanwhile, a month ago, our positivity rate was just over 5%. Since then, it's now almost tripled to more than 14%. In some areas of our city, it's actually at 25% or higher.

If we continue on the path we're on and you and me and others don't step up and do more, our estimates are that we could see 1,000 more Chicagoans die from this virus by the end of the year. These next seven weeks are going to be crucial-- crucial-- in how we start 2021.

ALLISON ARWADY: I am more worried about COVID right now than I have been at any point since March.