Chicago's lakefront to re-open after nearly a year

Chicago's lakefront is reopening after being closed for almost a year amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video Transcript

JESSICA D'ONOFRIO: [INAUDIBLE] since Friday the lakefront has softly been reopening, but overnight the mayor's office made it official. Now they released the news that Park District-- the Park District will start easing COVID-19 restrictions and start opening public access points to parkland east of Lakeshore Drive. Restrictions to lakefront parking will also be lifted. This comes as COVID-19 cases continue to drop in the city.

During the upcoming weeks, they will also start unlocking playgrounds, nature play areas, and indoor park district swimming pools to limited programming. The move comes after some aldermen and neighbors began asking why the lakefront parks and beaches remain closed through the winter. Now they're set to fully reopen since they were shut down due to the pandemic back in March.

But a reminder. The Park District is telling people to enjoy the parks responsibly. That means wear a mask, wash your hands, and socially distance.