Chicago launches Public Health Vending Machine Program for a healthier city

CHICAGO - In a bid to enhance the health and safety of Chicago residents, Mayor Brandon Johnson, along with the Chicago Department of Public Health, inaugurated the Public Health Vending Machine Program on Friday morning.

This pilot initiative will deploy vending machines at five locations across the city, offering a range of health supplies.

The vending machines will dispense essential items, including Naloxone – commonly known as Narcan – fentanyl test strips, general hygiene kits, socks, underwear, and other crucial supplies. The goal is to make these health resources easily accessible to the public.

"Today, we are here to officially launch the city's Public Health Vending Pilot Program and take a proud step towards a healthier, more inclusive, and safer city," said Mayor Johnson.

Importantly, all items from the vending machines are provided free of charge to anyone in Chicago. The initiative aims to assess the effectiveness of delivering harm-reduction supplies through vending machines, reaching individuals who may otherwise face challenges obtaining these resources.

Health officials will closely monitor the pilot program, evaluating its impact on public health and gauging the accessibility of essential health supplies to a broader demographic within the city.