Chicago mom creates self-sanitizing diaper-changing table

A Chicago mom has created the world's first self-sanitizing diaper-changing table.

Video Transcript

- A Chicago mom is changing the diaper-changing game. Have a look at this. It's the world's first self-sanitizing diaper changing table. These are being installed at public restrooms, including at White Sox Park. Addie Gundry is founder of Pluie and is live with us via Zoom. Addie, it's good to see you.

ADIA GUNDRY: [? Cia, ?] thank you so much.

- So Addie, you're a mom. Tell us about the experiences that led up to developing Pluie, which means rain in French.

ADIA GUNDRY: That's correct. I am a mom of two toddlers. My son is three, and my daughter you just saw there Claire is one. And I had a particularly difficult diaper change when Cooper was a baby. I got back to the table and I met my husband, who was not able to change the diaper because there was no changing table in the men's room. And that's something we see far too often today. And I said out loud, I think we can create a better [INAUDIBLE]

And so for the past two years, we've been developing what is now the world's first and only self-sanitizing diaper changing table for public restrooms.

- I love it. Well tell us, how does it work?

ADIA GUNDRY: We open the table like any other, change your diaper, and close it. A switch is turned on automatically, and within one minute, our patented protected UV-C light system cleans the table.

- I love that it's hands free because anybody who's ever had to juggle a child and wipes and diapers and a mat all at the same time knows how difficult that it can be. So Addie, what has the feedback been from other moms and dads and caregivers?

ADIA GUNDRY: It's been really exciting because you know, I think everyone knows how difficult it can be to change a diaper in public and now even more so with the pandemic. Everyone's focus is really on health and safety, and so Pluie has become more than a table. But it's something that really represents this business, or in this case the stadium at the White Sox, commitment to health and safety and doing everything they can to welcome families back in. And so not only is it a cleaner solution, but it's also so much more comfortable and convenient. We have a plush foam cushion that you place your baby on. Our retractable security belt goes back into the system, and you buckle it over the belly not right in front of the belly. And then our handles on the side are perfect for backpacks, diaper bags, and purses. And so the whole experience is something that makes it a lot easier to change a diaper when out in public.

- All right. So where else can we find it other than at Sox Stadium?

ADIA GUNDRY: Yeah so we're popping up all over the country. Follow us on social media to get live updates of where we're going. We're in Minneapolis, Nashville, Tennessee and out in Brooklyn, New York. Here in Chicago, we're at Northwestern Children's Practice as well as the Angel Harvey Family Health Center. And we have a few more exciting locations coming next week so stay tuned.

- Congratulations. I love seeing this. It's a true example of momming turned into a successful business idea. Because who knows better than those who are in the trenches with the kids? Thank you so much, Addie. It was nice talking to you.

ADIA GUNDRY: All right. You too. Thanks so much.