Chicago Mom Locates Daughter On Roblox, Reminds Her To Defrost Lasagna For Dinner

Sometimes parenting means meeting your children where they are, and one Chicago mom, ChaCha Watson, did just that to give her daughter dinner instructions.

ChaCha’s recent posts have gone viral after she logged into the online game Roblox after failed attempts to contact her 11-year-old daughter, Miracle.

Since the game kicks you out if you pick up the phone, ChaCha rolled up on the virtual scene in a white convertible car and had her avatar instant message Miracle’s avatar.

ChaCha is an avid Roblox player herself as a way to engage with her child.

“Being a single parent, you just want to make sure that you’re spending time with your kids. That’s really important to me — to make sure I’m spending quality time with her. So I downloaded Roblox, and … that was just one of the best things ever,” she said.

As a result, when she logged onto the game, she could see which game Miracle was playing.

“I said, You see me calling you! and then she was like, “I’m sorry, mom,” ChaCha told Today.

“Take the lasagna out of the freezer and the garlic bread so I can cook it,” ChaCha told her daughter.

Tickled by the online exchange, ChaCha shared the screenshots from her Roblox conversation with Miracle, which went viral instantly.

“When my baby don’t answer the phone, I pull up on ROBLOX,” she captioned her post.

Watson explains that even though she’s a comedian, she wasn’t trying to go viral by sharing her Roblox crashing.

“I was like, people got to see what I go through to get in touch with my child,” she told Today.

ChaCha plans to use her interactions and stories of being a mother in her upcoming comedy shows following the viral reaction to her posts.