Chicago Nightlife Areas Eager To Finally End COVID-19 Restrictions

It's hot out, and people are hitting the streets, just days away from the City of Chicago and State of Illinois' plan to reopen.

Video Transcript

- Some restaurants across the city were busy last night as we get closer to the city reopening on June 11th. CBS 2's Meredith Barack joining us now live with what businesses have to say about things finally returning to normal, Meredith.

- Suzanne, things a little bit more quiet here in Wrigleyville this morning. But last night, there were plenty of people out and about. The hot tents drawing people out for a cold one. And many people we spoke with said they are relieved that things will finally be fully open come next Friday.

In recent weeks, lines have returned outside of bars. And starting next Friday, all capacity limits will be lifted for all businesses. Under phase five conventions, festivals and large events will also be able to resume which will mean a financial boost for the city and the chance for many to make up for lost time with friends last summer.

- That means Lollapalooza, back on, mustached. Greg Lee, obviously a great place to be. Just like being with all our friends and having to be 10 at a table. And finally be able to stay with everyone.

- And just a reminder, the governor's office said if you are fully vaccinated, you don't need to wear a mask in most circumstances. However, if you're doing something like riding public transportation or visiting a school, hospital, or daycare, you will be required to wear face coverings. So don't throw out those masks quite yet. Reporting live in Wrigleyville, I'm Meredith Barack, CBS 2 News.

- Some good advice there. Meredith, thanks so much.