Road Rage Shooting: Toddler, 2, wounded on Lake Shore Drive near Grant Park

A Good Samaritan in a Tesla witnessed the incident and drove the child to the hospital.

Video Transcript

- We're still working on getting details now on what's going on on Lakeshore Drive. Live picture here from chopper. And these are over the northbound lanes of Lakeshore Drive. And this is right near Roosevelt. You can see that stretch of Lakeshore Drive is closed off completely. We've seen a couple of officers walking up and down the roadway taking a look at things. And to the top of the screen, you'll be able to see that big traffic backup.

We've got another camera, and this is just a little further to the North, and this is at Lakeshore Drive in Monroe. This isn't too far away from Maggie Daley Park. Still in the northbound lanes. We do know that a child was taken to Northwestern. We don't know what injuries that child has. And CPD has told us, at this point, there is a shooting investigation that's happening. More information as we get it in throughout the afternoon.