Chicago police officer charged with storming Capitol on Jan. 6

Officer Karol Chwiesiuk was on medical leave from the department when he allegedly breached the Capitol. He faces three misdemeanor charges.

Video Transcript

DAVID BROWN: What happened in DC on January 6th was an absolute disgrace. The fact that a Chicago police officer has been charged in that attack on American democracy makes my blood boil.

- Police Superintendent David Brown condemning the reported actions of his officer Karol Chwiesiuk after his arrest this morning at his home on the city's Northwest side where he lives with his parents. Brown says he relieved Chwiesiuk of his police powers on June 2nd when federal investigators first told him about the accusations against the officer.

DAVID BROWN: Participating in the siege on the Capitol in anyway was a betrayal of everything we stand for, our oath, the law.

- Brown says the officer was on medical leave from the Department during the time of the riot and drove from Chicago to DC. Chwiesiuk is charged with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds among other charges. In these documents, prosecutors lay out their case of his involvement. Geolocation, photos, and selfies that show him inside the Capitol, wearing a Chicago police sweatshirt. They say he made it as far inside as a US senator's office.

The charging documents also show text conversations in which Chwiesiuk says he was going to Washington to, quote, "save the nation." He was planning to expletive up some commies. And he uses a racial slur.

JOHN CATANZARA: We harp on the fact that he's a Chicago police officer. He was not in uniform when he did this. He was on his own personal time when he did this. So are we going to continue to scrutinize everybody's profession when they're off duty?

- Paternal order of police President John Catanzara are weighing in after the arrest, after he had to apologize earlier this year for showing what he called a lapse in judgment and his comments after the riot.

LORI LIGHTFOOT: John Catanzara, as you may all remember, Kansas took it upon himself to defend the actions of the domestic terrorists who stormed our Capitol on January 6th. CPD should and must always hold officers accountable for their actions both on and off duty. And this time will be no different.

- Mayor Lori Lightfoot saying hate has no home in Chicago. Brown calling out any other officers who share Chwiesiuk's views.

DAVID BROWN: There's no place for you here. And if we find evidence to separate you, we will pursue that aggressively.