Chicago Police Officer Shot In Brighton Park: Update From Supt. David Brown

Police Supt. David Brown reports a Home Depot security officer was shot and gravely wounded, and the suspect then shot and wounded an officer as police chased him. The suspect was then shot dead.

Video Transcript

- And to that breaking news now. Superintendent Brown about to apprise us for the first time on the officer shot, perpetrator shot, a security guard shot, at Home Depot. We believe he's just about to start that press conference. Erica.

- Yes, we are hearing details coming in through your Twitter feed from the police department, but this will be the first time we're hearing from the superintendent and representatives there. Let's listen in.

SUPT. DAVID BROWN: Today around 4:00 PM in the 2400 block of West 46th Street in the ninth district, our fourth officer in two weeks was shot. He's here at Mount Sinai Hospital being treated for a non-life threatening wound. We would ask the public to keep this officer and his family in your prayers.

What happened on this incident around 4:00 PM is that there was a shoplifting according to preliminary reports, and the suspect got into a struggle with a loss prevention officer at the Home Depot in this area. This resulted in this offender shooting this loss prevention security person and that person is grave, in grave condition right now.

The suspect then flees and officers are called and pursue this suspect. The initial officer that pursues this suspect is then almost immediately shot. The officer is being treated now. We are not releasing his name until family members are notified and able to come visit here at the hospital.

But this officer is shot and he's down. Other officers tend to him, get him to the hospital, while other officers continue pursuing this suspect. This suspect and officers get into another shootout and the offender is then shot. This offender has recently been pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. He's DOA at the hospital so the offender is deceased.

And we are continuing this investigation. This is very preliminary information. Things could change. This had just recently happened. Our detectives are on scene talking to as many witnesses as possible. But let me close with this before we take questions.

This is the fourth officer shot in two weeks. And I get questions all the time about what is the department doing about violence, what, are we doing about the shootings what are we doing about the homicides? What we are doing is risking our lives every day to protect this city. That's what we're doing.

And the brave, courageous men and women of Chicago Police Department are unmatched, the most counted department in the country, but we are not without flaws. But this is done with great risk and officers every day put their lives on the line. And God bless the men and women of Chicago Police Department.

Now I'll take questions.

- Which hospital was the offender taken to?

SUPT. DAVID BROWN: I don't know which hospital yet. Any other questions?

- Any indication as to the officer's injuries, where he was struck. Is he going to need surgery, and is it a male officer?

SUPT. DAVID BROWN: It is a male officer. He is going to require additional treatment, surgery likely. Right now he's just initially being X-rayed to figure out what course of action and we'll update you on his condition.

- Do you know where on his body he was hit?

SUPT. DAVID BROWN: He was shot in the shoulder.

- Just one time?

SUPT. DAVID BROWN: We don't know that. Any other questions?


No, we don't know anything about the history of the Home Depot. We know this was a shoplifting apparently, from preliminary reports. That may change but there was some interaction with loss prevention there at the Home Depot where this prevention officer was shot and is in grave condition.

Yeah, let's get her and then we'll get you.

- How upset are you? A fourth officer in a matter of two weeks. How do you talk about this with the force?

SUPT. DAVID BROWN: You know, from a broad perspective, men and women in law enforcement all across the country are under attack. The officer in Boulder, Colorado, Officer Talley, who recently lost his life trying to save people who were involved in an active shooter and so many people died there.

But here in Chicago, like you mentioned, it's the idea that cops are putting their lives on the line every day and it seems that these offenders are acting with impunity in the way, not only do they shoot at each other, but there are basically loss of respect for law enforcement. And yet, with hyper criticism, officers continue to run toward danger.

And I can't say enough of how much courage and bravery it takes to run toward bullets when others would cower and quit and run the opposite way. These men and women run toward danger to protect this city. Question?


It's too early to have that information. As soon as we have additional information about this offender, we'll release it to you.

- Have you seen the officer?

- No other officers hurt at this point. Yes.

- You've seen the officer and spoken with him?

SUPT. DAVID BROWN: I have seen the officer, spoken with him. And as soon as we get the family notified and here and check on their loved one, we'll release as much information about him as we can.

- How is he doing? What did he have to say to you?

SUPT. DAVID BROWN: He seemed to be in good spirits. But again, being shot is no light thing to digest. So again, we want to ask that the public keep this officer in their prayers, and his family.

- How long has he been with the department?

SUPT. DAVID BROWN: We don't know all that yet. As soon as we know we'll reach it to you. Any other questions, real quick.


SUPT. DAVID BROWN: So one of the things that I like to convey to the public is that these officers are committed and dedicated to protecting the city and they do anything, all things, including risking their lives every day, to protect this city.

Thank you . Appreciate it. Thank you.

- All right so let's go back, if I could, to that Home Depot, shot of that 46 and Western. That's where it all started. We don't have that right now. Started as a shoplifting incident. We are told the shoplifter, the offender, is deceased. He shot a security guard who was gravely wounded.

Gravely, we're told at this hour. And then a CPD officer was shot and expected to recover. Erica.

- Yes, superintendent Brown was talking about how that officer was the first to respond to the scene and almost was immediately shot. That wound happening to his shoulder. Likely he will need surgery. They're not identifying the officer at this point in time but we will of course, bring you updates as we get it.