Chicago police officer shot in Brighton Park, CPD says

A Chicago police officer was shot after confronting an alleged shoplifter who shot a security guard in the Brighton Park neighborhood Thursday afternoon.

Video Transcript

- Breaking news to tell you about now. This is on Chicago's Southwest side where a police officer has been shot. Chopper 7 HD live over the scene there. It's in the 2500 block of West 46th Street, so that's the Brighton Park neighborhood. We're told there was an exchange of gunfire between police and an offender. Both the offender and an officer were shot. The officer taken to Mount Sinai Hospital. We do not know the condition or at this point any more details regarding this, but we're closely watching it. We have a reporter and a crew en route.

We'll have a live report for you coming up on our news at 6:00. And we'll be right back.