Charges filed in CPD officer's shooting in South Austin

A suspect has been charged in connection with the shooting of a Chicago police officer on the city's West Side Saturday.

Video Transcript

MICHELLE GALLARDO: Good news is that the officer's injuries were minor. She was treated and released from Mount Sinai Hospital late this afternoon. The suspected gunman is also in custody, as detectives work to complete their investigation.

- We have an officer shot, officer shot. 207 North La Crosse. 200 North La Crosse. Offender is still at large.

MICHELLE GALLARDO: The call came in around 11:30 this morning. Police officers on routine patrol were responding to a report of shots fired when they were shot at themselves. One of them, a female officer, sustained a hit to her left hand.

- I was taking my dog outside in the backyard. So all of the sudden, I heard some shots out here. And so me and the dog-- I took my dog in the house, and I ran to the front door. And I seen all the police cars.

- He's in the building, units. He's in the building. Please everybody take cover. We have an ambulance in route.

MICHELLE GALLARDO: Seen firing into the street from an elevated first-floor apartment, officers fired back at the suspect to no avail. SWAT were soon called in. Heavily armed police acted quickly, first to establish a perimeter around the three-flat building where the gunman was believed to be hiding, and then establishing contact with him through one of their hostage negotiators. The alleged shooter eventually surrendered. Investigators tweeting out this photo of what they say is the pistol used during the incident.

DAVID BROWN: We evacuated the house, and we're interviewing all the people that were in there. Some were just, you know, innocent bystanders that just at home. But we have yet to confirm who were other people that might have been involved.

MICHELLE GALLARDO: This is the third time in less than a week where a police officer has been injured by gunfire. The first came on Sunday, when an on-duty sergeant was shot standing in the parking lot outside the Gresham District Police Station. A day later, an off-duty officer was ambushed by two men while sitting in his vehicle at a traffic light in Calumet Heights. No arrests have been made in either of those incidents.

DAVID BROWN: This is the third officer shot this week. But this is the 16th officer shot at or shot this year, after 79 officers were shot at and shot at in 2020.

MICHELLE GALLARDO: No one else appears to have been injured during today's exchange of gunfire, although a second officer was briefly hospitalized after experiencing chest pains. Charges against the suspected gunman are still pending.