Chicago police officer shot, transported to hospital

A Chicago police officer was shot outside the 6th District station and was transported to a nearby hospital.

Video Transcript

- At 2:30 PM today at 7808 South Halsted, it's our 6th District patrol station. One of our sergeants heard a gunshot and then felt pain in his chin area on his face. He's currently being treated here at Christ Hospital, but is soon to be released. Our investigation is very preliminary.

Right now, we're scouring our video, both at the station and pod camera video, as well as any CCTV, private video that's nearby, for further evidence. But at this point, everything is preliminary and we don't have anything additional to share. None of the evidence that we so far heard from the officer, from the Sergeant or others that heard the shot have any additional information that we can corroborate. With that we'll take questions.

- I may have missed it, Superintendent. How's the officer doing?

- He's doing well. He's soon to be released. He has a superficial graze wound on his chin area, on his face. He heard a shot, then he felt pain and saw bleeding from his face area, nearby the 6th District, 7808 South Halsted. Any questions?

Let me end with this. Last year there were 79 officers shot at or shot. Of that 79, 10 were actually shot. So far this year, we are on a even greater pace than last year with 13 officers shot at or shot with this Sergeant being the first hit, the first officer shot of the 13 shot at so far this year.

It just highlights the dangers of policing in the current environment we're in. And I just want to end with God bless our men and women in blue at Chicago Police Department. Thank you.

- Thank you