Chicago Riverwalk vendors begin reopening Friday

In another sign of the Chicago area reopening, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has announced the return of some vendors to the Chicago Riverwalk.

Video Transcript

DIANE PATHIEU: Good morning to you Tanya. That's right, more signs of things slowly reopening here in the city of Chicago. Mayor Lightfoot planning to announce the reopening of some businesses along the Riverwalk. Beginning today, the city will implement a phased in approach to vendor reopening with everything eventually reopening in May.

You'll still, of course, have to wear a mask, keep your distance, but expect more signs of activity down here. To start, Island Party Hut, Big Kitchen on the River, and City Winery will reopen today with more businesses opening up every week or so. The Chicago River Walk itself just to walk around opens up at 6:00 AM, but again, more signs of life coming up later on today.