Home Depot security guard in grave condition after Brighton Park shooting

The security guard shot and gravely injured at a Brighton Park Home Depot is in a coma, his family said. A police officer was also shot, and the suspect was killed in a shootout.

Video Transcript

MARK RIVERA: Yeah, Tanja, Terrell, that security guard is still fighting for his life here at University of Chicago Medical Center, as that Chicago police officer who was shot in the shoulder is back home now recovering. That officer was released last night, surrounded by a force of Chicago police. They flanked the emergency room bay at Mount Sinai Hospital, alert and at attention, each one saluting as one of their brothers was wheeled out. No longer in his issued police uniform, the injured officer instead in blue hospital scrubs, carefully walking to the car.

RAYMOND LOPEZ: Two people went to work yesterday thinking that it was going to be just another day on the job. One's clinging for his life, as you said. We had an officer who was gunned down trying to pursue the suspect. You know, nothing is that important to bring us to where we're at today.

MARK RIVERA: 15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez says he's grateful officers were able to bring that wild shooting spree to a halt.

RAYMOND LOPEZ: And I am thankful for the police and everyone who did their job to bring this to a swift and quick end.

MARK RIVERA: Investigators say it all started when a man armed with a gun tried to shoplift from a Brighton Park Home Depot Thursday afternoon. An on-site security guard stepped in. He was shot in the head by the shoplifting suspect.

Police responded, chasing the shooting suspect on foot into the Brighton Park neighborhood across the street. There was an exchange of gunfire where one of the responding officers was hit. That suspect later dying in a shootout with police.

- 4,700 Southwest at the Home Depot. Someone outside shooting. Also getting a report of a person shot. [? Suspect's ?] male, Black, dressed in all black.

MARK RIVERA: Superintendent David Brown acknowledging the difficult task his officers face.

DAVID BROWN: What we are doing is risking our lives every day to protect this city. That's what we're doing.

MARK RIVERA: And Alderman Lopez decrying the violence.

RAYMOND LOPEZ: It's a neighborhood store, and any one of us could have been that victim yesterday.

MARK RIVERA: That wounded officer has been on the force for four years. He has numerous commendations. He is at home, again, recovering this morning. Alderman Lopez says that if you'd like to help the injured security guard, as soon as we know more information, we can reach out to his office to help.