Chicago shooting: At least six people including two children injured at baby shower

Chris Riotta

Two children were among six wounded victims in a drive-by mass shooting this weekend in Chicago.

The shooting occurred on Saturday night in the city’s South Side, according to officials.

Victims were reportedly at a baby shower gathering when gunfire erupted at about 6:21 pm local time in Englewood. The child victims were 8 and 10-years-old.

Both were rushed to the Comer Children’s Hospital, where they were reported to be in stabile conditions. Police said both suffered gun shots, with the 8-year-old boy facing multiple wounds in his back and chest. The 10-year-old girl reportedly suffered a gunshot to her shin.

The mother of the 8-year-old child was seen by local news outlets waiting outside of the hospital holding a shirt covered in blood while crying for her child. “He’s just a baby,” she repeatedly said.

The Chicago Sun Times reported on the incident and its aftermath at the hospital. The boy’s grandmother confirmed to reporters that he was taken in for surgery that night.

The mass shooting wasn’t the only gun violence impacting children in Chicago this weekend.

A 13-year-old was seriously inured also on Saturday night at 8:20 pm local time when shots were fired at a car the boy was sitting in.

He suffered an injury in the hip, police said, and was also transported to Comer Children’s Hospital, where his condition was stabilised.

Only one of the victims in the mass shooting was reportedly in critical condition as of Sunday, a 29-year-old woman who was shot in her chest and shoulder and rushed to Christ Medical Centre.

Police said witnesses declined to cooperate after the shooting. The Chicago Police Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment.