Chicago Sky Training Camp Under Way With Two-Time WNBA MVP Candace Parker

Training camp is under way for the Chicago Sky - as they seek to win the franchise's first WNBA Championship this season.

Video Transcript

- Training camp underway for the Chicago Sky as they'll try to win the franchise's first WNBA championship this season. Adding hometown superstar Candace Parker and free agency putting the sky on everybody's radar right now. It's been a smooth transition for the two time league MVP.

CANDACE PARKER: I mean, just the communication. I think from my point of view of being new to the situation has been unbelievable. Just everything that is expected of me and of this team, I think is communicated well. It's unbelievable to be back home. I was downtown the other day and just driving and seeing the skyline and going to have Soldier Field, I'm a huge Bears fan. So I think it's just amazing from that point of view. But from basketball, it's just-- I don't know if it's really hit me.

- Sky season will start on May 15 national TV against Washington, Brad Irika the small little piece of good news in Chicago sports today.

- Have her back too. Thank you, Luke.